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We Bring Your Story to Life


We create customized, integrated marketing campaigns that deliver value by utilizing cross-functional programs to ensure our clients see a measurable ROI and achieve their goals. Our unique approach and programs target, engage and inspire your audience to action. 

We providing everything from brand management, strategic planning to digital and social marketing, we help small businesses build their brand awareness and message effectiveness to achieve big results.


At Wilson Strategic Communications we’re happy to write your press releases and develop your media kits. We have established strong editorial relationships giving our clients a considerable advantage in gaining earned media across many platforms from broadcast to print and digital mediums. Through our strategic approach we guarantee our clients see an increase in brand awareness and exposure within their target markets. 


Reputation is everything. We specialize in building corporate goodwill amongst the general public. Utilizing media relations, reputation management and executive positioning to build and maintain a company’s public image. We also offer extensive support and expertise in diminishing the impact of a crisis or potentially damaging news. We will proactively manage and diffuse sensitive or difficult news on our clients behalf that may damage a corporate reputation. 


We provide support and guidance on grass roots campaigns, letters to the editor, draft statements on pending legislation, press conference support and a variety of other services aimed at getting your voice heard.  


Wilson Strategic Communications wants to empower all small businesses with the knowledge to grow their brand. We are proud to provide training services in a personal or group setting delivering the strategy, support and expertise to achieve your marketing dreams without an expensive firm. We train you on everything from basic marketing strategy to running your own social media ad campaigns.


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